Fleet Management Solutions

Truckfile Fleet Management System


It doesn’t matter how large, small or what type of vehicles are in your fleet. The Truckfile Fleet Management System is compliant with VOSA guidelines, it will always provide you with a comprehensive view of your vehicles, their history, maintenance and scheduling.

Truckfile also stores a complete record of drivers safety check including defect reporting, alerts and record if the vehicle is safe to drive or not.

Drivers safety checks are completed electronically following again VOSA guidelines…. peace of mind that your fleet information is safe and compliant.

As compliance becomes more and more the focus of the operator Truckfile’s newest function comes into it’s own. We now have a Compliance management system for the vehicle operator which automatically audits the compliance of the fleet. The system is so flexible and so advanced you can ask any audit question, match to any fleet data and set the frequency of the questions asked, all in digital format.


To find out more about how Truckfile can help your business, contact our service department on 028 9083 1771

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